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Sterilization – Highest Priority

We have a commitment to protect you!  
We have been routinely using gloves, masks, protective eye cover, patient drapes etc.  
since we started dentistry almost twelve years ago.  

All items are cleaned, and sterilized according manufacturer instructions prior to every use. For equipments that work on electricity and cannot be sterilized [equipments like X-ray machine, ultrasonic scalers etc..] plastic sheets are used as barriers on these, to prevent soiling [contamination] of their surfaces.. Plastic instruments and equipment that cannot heat sterilized are chemically sterilized with special sterilising solutions.

All surgical and routine use instruments are sterilized by moist heat [autoclaving] or dry Heat [hot air oven], all operatory surfaces like shelves, floors etc are cleaned and coated by hypochlorite every day. Cotton, cheek guards, linen, etc. are always autoclaved prior to use.  
All handpieces [dental ‘drills’] are individually packed in sterilization pouches and autoclaved for each patient every time!  
Disposables are a priority! Syringes , suction tips, mixing spatulas, mixing pads are all always discarded after single use.  
We want you to rest assured that you are safe with us. This peace of mind comes at a considerable expense both in terms of time and money.  



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